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Paradise Run

A Race style game show where children race in a tropical setting while completing puzzles along the way.

Genre: Kids , Reality

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 6.1

Season 1 - Paradise Run
"Three teams of best friends battle for first place as they dive deep for lost party treasures. Then, they have to dance their way across the resort to serve up some cool Hawaiian treats on the beach."
"After splish-splashing their way to the pool and tossing tubes to each other, three teams try to solve a very tricky tiki puzzle before running to the beach to put on some extra special Hula outfits."
"Three girl duos have to pedal hard to gather beach balls but the resort's waterfall almost sinks their boats. Then, before they can reach the finish line, more than one team gets stuck on the riddle."
"Teams battle it out in a race where teamwork and memorization are key. A detour could sink one team's chances at the waterfall while the others splash down the slide to get puzzled by an ancient tiki."
"After digging for Sand Dollars on the beach, three teams of siblings and besties hop their way across super slippery islands to toss some coconuts before scrambling to set up a very important cabana."
"As the teams speed across the resort, they discover it's hard to get an angry tiki in line and filling up a bucket under the raging waterfall proves no easy task."
"Teams sprint to the pool to toss leis at each other and try not to wipe out on the slippery islands before going on a free-for-all scavenger hunt to build a very important cabana."
Season 2 - Paradise Run
"In the second-season opener, cast members from \"The Thundermans\" team up with fans to throw fish and zip-line to a wedding."