Bitchin' Rides

Dave Kindig and his crew in his Salt Lake City shop builds and restores classic vehicles from a '33 Ford Tudor to a '69 Camaro.

Genre: Reality

Actor: Dave Kindig

Country: USA

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 7.4

Season 2 - Bitchin' Rides
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Season 3 - Bitchin' Rides
"Dave Kindig, owner and operator of Kindig-It Design in Salt Lake City, Utah turns out one-of-a-kind vehicles for his demanding (and sometimes famous) clientele. In Velocity's \"BITCHIN' RIDES\", viewers will see Kindig and his team working on all types and periods of cars. From rendering and design to building and restoring, viewers see vehicles being made from the ground up before being revealed to the car's owner"
"Dave Kindig started his career in cars working on Volkswagon's in his garage, and in this episode he purchases a 1962 VW Bus to restore, re-upholster and flip. A Kindig classic, the 1968 Boss Mustang arrives for some upgrades."
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Season 4 - Bitchin' Rides
"A 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 that hasn't seen the road since 1957, gets revived. An original FE engine, modified bumpers and some insights from Kevin make this build one to remember. Plus, a father & son challenge the team to make their engines roar."
"The Fairlane build comes to a conclusion, as the car is bodyworked, painted, assembled and upholstered. The old school engine is a favorite of the guys, but getting it fired and working properly has the whole team scratching their heads."
"A 69 Camaro has a new owner who wants to finish off the build, with a new front valance, rear spoiler, fresh paint. Dave's graphic skills shine as he puts a new spin on a classic. A 1965 Mustang with mechanical issues gets a Bitchin upgrade."
"The guys set their sights on Pleasanton, CA where they will be attending a major car show, and the competition is fierce. To get to the show they need to get a Chevelle road ready for its owner, that is if the whole staff doesn't get arrested."
"16 years in the making, Kindig It Design is finally finishing the 67 Nova. Looks can be deceiving however, as this car looks pretty stock on the outside, but underneath the hood is a unique power station. Will it be powerful enough for the client?"
"Repeat client and collaborator Ron Meis has a new project for Kindig It and its right in Dave's wheelhouse, a 1927 Shadow Rod. Dave has some new tricks up his sleeve, as a brand new 2017 Bentley Bentayga gets some bitchin styling upgrades."
"Tad Leach is hell bent on getting his dream car built by Kindig It Design. A rare 1955 Lincoln Continental is the new challenge for the shop, and Dave is going big on this build. The upholstery shop updates the seats and headliner on a rare 1969 McLaren."
"With approval from \u201cTHE BOSS,\u201d the continental build continues. A custom blue color, massive V12 engine, and the green light from a living legend officially make this car a Bitchin Ride. Dave wants a new car hauler and enlists RMD garage to help."
"Dave and Kevin take the show on the road to Loveland, CO where they hope to capture a major award for the Copper Caddy and Mischief, a 1952 Pontiac. But before they leave, a 1966 Chevelle rolls into the shop for upholstery and an engine upgrade."
"The entire Kindig family is working hard to give Charity's father the retirement gift of a lifetime: converting a '57 Corvette into a Bitchin' Ride. Getting the kids motivated to help is easier said than done. A '67 Malibu gets a Bitchin AC repair."
"The shop pulls out all the stops to take home the gold at the last car show of the season; the Fairlane and the Nomad receive extra attention; Dave and Kevin check out the best vehicles in Reno."
"The metal masters take on a 1967 Chevelle with Great 8 pedigree and high expectations; Dave learns the hard way that builds do not always go according to plan."
"A '32 roadster is secretly purchased for a client's wife and shipped to Kindig It Design for mechanical upgrades and styling changes; Dave redesigns a 2004 Hummer."
"Dave is tasked with finding and transforming a 1967 Pontiac GTO for a secret client from South Africa; Dave buys back one of his first builds, a Volkswagen Karmann Ghia, but does not know what he will do with it when he gets it back on the road."
Season 5 - Bitchin' Rides
"Dave and the team at Kindig It Design start a new year with a one-of-a-kind build they have never attempted before, a 1964 Ranchero; the car looks to have had a lot of work done, but what's underneath the metal sets the team back."
"The Ranchero build is an epic achievement for Dave and the whole Kindig It Design team, but will the client see it the same way? And will Dave find the perfect name for the perfect car?"
"A Canadian father daughter team arrives to add a new Bitchin Ride to their impressive collection. Building the little sister to the 62 Safari Bus is something close to Dave's VW roots. Fresh off the showroom floor, a 2017 Cadillac CTSV."
"An old build is back for new customizations, an interior revamp and a new name. With Kevin headed out of town, Dave tries to sneak a new and personal project through the doors."
"One of Dave's all-time favorite designs is the Mercedes-Benz Gullwing, and a new client arrives with a kit version of the car. But it has many flaws, which the team need to address while trying to get the car as close as they can to original."
"Every inch of the Mercedes Gullwing has finally been addressed and the car comes to an epic conclusion. But questions and challenges remain, which color will be just right? Will the doors actually function?"
"A '41 Chevy that has bounced around numerous shops rolls in for a quick trunk lid fix, but things go south very quickly; as if the shop wasn't busy enough, they kick off a Road Tour and the garage turns into an ER for broken down cars."
"A new client arrives and asks Dave to envision a future where the Hummer H2 continued to be produced and to build what he thinks that car might look like 20 years into the future. Its out with the old and in with the new, as Kevin leads the charge."
"Car show season is always a big time of year for the Bitchin Rides crew, but a show in Stockton, CA has called with an interesting request. Along with bringing some Bitchin Rides to the show, would Dave be a judge and present a special award for the show?"
"Dave and the team swap the chassis in a 1955 Nomad and upgrade its performance, which will give this car the edge it was missing."
"A Corvette enthusiast brings his 1963 Corvette for upgrades; the car has had some work done, but he wants a huge LS X engine and a larger transmission; he also wants to ditch the side pipes and develop a one-of-a-kind, stand-out paint color."
"A 41 Chevy that has bounced around numerous shops rolls in for a quick trunk lid fix, but things very quickly go south on the team. A previous chop needs to be fixed, underneath the car everything needs to be re-plumbed and doors need aligned."